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Welcome to our virtual exhibition and auction fundraiser. The on-line auction is intended as an alternative exhibition venue for the art show "Tiger love and other animal stories" and as a means of raising both awareness and funds for the international wildlife charity Born Free. 30% of all on-line proceeds will go to the Born Free Foundation.

Fourteen artworks in all will be offered for auction on eBay starting August 12 until August 18. Click on the artists page to see details of each work. Each item will be posted on eBay beginning August 12 and you can find it by either clicking on the "to bid" link on each item page or by going to eBay's "about me" page for tigerlovebenefit.

You must register on eBay in order to bid (it's free). The rules of this auction are governed by the rules posted on eBay. For detailed information on how to buy items on eBay click here.

If you're in Montreal you can view the works at galerie nota bene, 3416 av du parc (map) from August 8 to 20. Click on gallery for photos of the exhibition and zine.