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Alison Judd
Amber Albrecht
Ethan Hayes-Chute
Katie Dutton
Katie Lyle
Kiki Athanassiadis
Laura Marshall
Lauren Nurse
Meredith Carruthers
Susannah Wesley

Ten for Tigers at Galerie Nota Bene and eBay!

An exhibition and auction of contemporary art by 10 emerging artists from Canada and the US to help benefit Born Free.

Opening reception Friday, August 12, 2005, 6-8pm

galerie nota bene
3416, av du parc,
montreal qc canada

Exhibition dates: August 8-20, 2005

On-line auction begins August 12, 2005

The subject of animal depiction has been a favourite theme for artists since the advent of painting. The earliest human urge to make pictures resulted in charging animals recorded on the walls of caves. The grand tradition of romantic painting focused animal love on rearing horses and dogs of the hunt. Current popular animal images present tigers on velvet, animals playing cards and airbrushed kittens on sweatsuits.

Can our adoration of wild animals be depicted in our images of them?

This project is a call to portray the love, curiosity or ambiguous feelings inspired by animals both wild and those closer to home.

Tiger love and other animal stories, will feature the work of Alison Judd, Amber Albrecht, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Katie Dutton, Katie Lyle, Kiki Athanassiadis, Laura Marshall, Lauren Nurse, Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley. The works can be seen at galerie nota bene, 3416, av du parc, montreal qc canada from August 8-20, 2005. The opening reception will take place on Friday, August 12, 2005, 6-8pm. The gallery hours are from Monday to Friday 10-6pm and Saturday 10-5pm.

All artworks will be auctioned on eBay as part of a fundraising initiative to benefit the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife organization dedicated to natural habitat conservation and the protection of endangered species. The auction begins on August 12, 2005. Register to bid on eBay (it’s free) and visit our on-line auction page at http://members.ebay.ca/aboutme/tigerlovebenefit. 30% of the proceeds from the on-line auction will go to Born Free.

For additional information on the artists, the artwork or the auction visit the exhibition web site www.tigerlove.org.

exhibition: august 8-20, 2005
galerie nota bene (map)
3416, av du parc
montreal qc canada
opening reception: friday, august 12, 2005

gallery hours: Mon-Fri 10-6pm & Sat 10-5pm

august 12-18, 2005

register to bid on eBay
for inquiries regarding the auction contact: info.tigerlove@gmail.com